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Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. Working with sporting partners, organisations and local authorities, they encourage sporting ambitions in the young, and promote standards nationally.


My role

Senior UX Designer

The team

Senior UX Designer, UX Designer, Project Manager, Visual Designer, Account Manager

Sport Wales Institute is a team of practitioners and performance advisors helping individuals and athletes achieve success.

The project was to design a user-centred alpha prototype for the ‘application scorecard process’ for the Institute’s support and services.

The project challenges:​
  • To understand complex internal operations and convert them to simple and intuitive processes.

  • To design a solution to work equally well for the applicants and those at the institute assessing the applications.

  • To fully understand the needs and pain-points of internal and a wide range of external stakeholders.


01 / Workshop

The project started by a remote workshop with the four main internal stakeholders, the workshop was utilised to start understanding the complex internal process the institute staff were undertaking to assess and evaluate each application made.


02 / Interviews

One-to-one remote interviews with internal and key external stakeholders were carried out, in-depth 45min interviews were used to identify and better understand the needs and pain points of all users.

Sports Wales 2.png
03 / Service map

Following the synthesis of the user research a service map workshop was carried out to draw and validate the institute’s requirements within the complete process. 

04 / User journeys

Having confirmed what the new service needed to include they were turned into two simple and logical user journeys, first of the ‘applying for a new project’ and for the ‘evolution of a new project submission’ process. 


05 / Usability tests

The final stages of the project consisted of working closely to review and test the proposed tool with the primary users.

Sports Wales 1.png

Final takeaways

  • Take advantage and fully utilise the knowledge and experience of all stakeholders.

  • Systematically work through a complex process to break it down to manageable sections. 

  • Even the most complex processes can be converted into simple products by breaking them down into individual stages. The solution (although still having complex work-flows) can become a simple and intuitive product for the end-users.

Thank you for reading my Sports Wales case study.

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