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Hello, I’m Tod, I’m a Senior UX Designer.

I have experiences with product and web across a range of sectors including mobility, education, e-commerce, sports and leisure, and the public sector.


I currently work for KINTO Join as a UX Researcher, KINTO Join is Toyota's mobility brand, its a software company providing sustainable mobility solutions. Prior to this role I was working at Cyber-Duck as a UX Designer.

I thrive working in multi-disciplinary teams to drive customer-centric thinking from research into design, always striving to bring new thinking to the table to improve user experience.


But I wasn’t always a UXer…

After completing my degree in Product Design I decided to start my career as a teacher. I have taught Product and Graphic Design. I’m very proud of all I achieved in teaching, after my second year I became a Head of Subject, a year later a Head of House, two years later an Assistant Head of Department and two years after that a Curriculum Leader! Thats a lot of career progression in six years! I have also worked with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

I almost forgot… I’m also a qualified barber!

Transitioning into User Experience from teaching was a very natural progression for me as UX embodies many elements of teaching, including the skills to ask the right question the right way, to be adaptable and a creative problem solver, and the ability to understand the needs and motivations of others.


And lastly, that’s my little Boston Terrier in the picture with me, his name is Diego, he’s obviously got his own instagram account and you should definitely check it out.