Kinto Join

Kinto Join is a sustainable commuting app that revolutionises the way a company’s employees travel to work. It is a part of Toyota’s mobility brand.

The project

My role

Senior UX Researcher

The team

Senior UX Researcher, UX Designer, Project Manager, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer

Kinto Join is an app that connects co-workers who wish to share their daily commutes. The technology verifies who’s on board and allow employers to offer employees incentives, such as priority parking spaces.

The project was to design the ‘find a friend’ feature for the app. The feature enables the users to easily and quickly find the right person to connect with to share a ride to work.

Three images showing screen's from the Kinto Join carpooling app.

How we did it

01 Workshop

An initial worksop with the main stakeholders to define the project goals, objectives and risks.

02 User journeys

Defined the optimal user journeys to search, select and message the right co-worker.

03 Wirefraiming

Working closely with the development team the key journeys were finalised and wireframed.

04 Prototyping

The wireframes were quickly turned into prototypes ready for client reviews and usability testing.

05 Usability testing

To gather insight quickly, and to reach a wide range of users, we opted for remote un-moderated usability testing.

06 Iterations

The insight gathered from the usability tests indicated clear design changes to optimise the usability of the feature.