Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales is a government-owned company that operates rail, bus, and light rail services in Wales. It is responsible for managing and developing the Welsh transport network, and for providing a reliable and affordable service for passengers.

The project

My role

Senior UX Consultant

The team

Senior UX Consultant, UX Designer and Project Manager

Transport for Wales had the objective to increase volume of direct ticket sales, as part of this TfW identified high priority areas of improvement to the mobile ticketing purchase journey.

The project goals were to assess the ticket purchase journey and provide user experience recommendations for registration and guest checkout on mobile web and mobile app.

Screenshot showing designs created on Figma.

How we did it

01 Desk immersion

Researching to better understand the project, the space TfW operates in and user personas via prior research, YouGov, and reviewing the existing app.

02 Competitor research

Analysing and evaluating competitors' service and products. Identifying best practices, opportunities for innovation, and areas for differentiation.

03 Stakeholder interviews

Interviews were carried out to better understand the wider context of the project within TfW. Understanding data collection requirements for future strategy and marketing vs need for increased ease of checkout.

04 Usability testing

The current journeys were tested with the goal to understand perception of the ticket purchasing journey, pain points that cause drop off, and perceptions on ‘guest checkout.

05 Hypothesis creation

The research phase culminated in five hypotheses to test key points around:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Collecting key data
  • Enticing users to return to the app
  • Increasing the number of account registrations

06 Prototyping

A prototype of the entire journey was built in Figma.

07 Usability testing

Usability tests were conducted with a focus on:

  1. When in the journey did participants choose to create an account and why?
  2. If they created an account, were they happy with the information requested by TfW?
  3. If they continued with Guest Checkout, were they receptive to the ‘nudge’ to convert after payment?
  4. Were participants receptive to gathering data natively?
  5. How did participants find the overall experience?

The recommendations

01 Implement multiple points for a user to sign up for an account: 

  • at onboarding
  • before purchase
  • after purchase
  • user returns to the app

02 Add prominent guest checkout option.

03 Relocate account benefits copy and consider updating it to better reflect benefits. If incentives are offered, include them at this point.

04 Add a non mandatory postcode field, with explanation, to registration form.

05 Add a ‘save home station?’ feature when searching and selecting station.